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Wolff Safety Consulting LLC

Wolff Safety Consulting LLC has over 20 years experience in Environmental Health and Safety in both general industry and construction. Mike Wolff has 10 years experience in automotive manufacturing safety and over 15 years in heavy industrial  manufacturing and construction safety.  Wolff Safety Consulting LLC has experience with OSHA partnership programs such as SHARP along with OSHA enforcement and citation litigation.   We provide OSHA 10 Hour and OHSA 30 Hour Training. We also provide safety business analysis and proposed corrective actions for your entire business. 

Wolff Safety's Focus is to reduce costs by preventing injuries, workman's comp costs throughout your facility by implementing safe work practices and hazard analysis. By partnering with your team we can develop safety policies, procedures, and safety manuals for your organization to ensure safe work practices throughout your organization. 

We serve the public and private sector, which include:  construction building sites, manufacturing private and public sector organizations.
Our commitment to your organization is to reduce the cost of injuries by collaborating with your team members to improve safety through solid process and procedures, education, and auditing.  We have found that when a safety improvement is implemented, Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity gains are made.


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